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        If you begin a registry with names 
        of the couple and their son on my street 
        because they are Muslims, enter my name 
        next, then the names of every member 
        of the KKK, of those who clean the golden 
        houses of the rich and speak in the richer 
        languages of America, of women abused 
        by men, of men abused by women, of the guilty 
        and the innocent, of truth-tellers and liars, 
        of artists, writers, and poets, of dancers and musicians, 
        of blue-collar workers, of teachers, of the living  
        who cannot forget what they saw in the death camps, 
        of those who as children played in the dirt at Manzanar, 
        of lobbyists, quacks, and politicians, of women 
        who wear chadors and those who don’t, of men 
        who wear sombreros and those who won’t, of the homeless 
        and the hungry, and then, save yours, the names of every 
        other citizen and those who hope to become citizens, 
        and finish with your name in indelible letters, and then 
        the registry will be, for a moment, an unsundered nation. 

                                                        —William Speer


                                                                                                                    @riseupreview 2017

William Speer lives in northwest Arkansas. His poetry has appeared in several print and online journals.