Rise Up Review
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In an effort to simplify the process, please email your submission to riseupreview at gmail dot com with poems pasted in the body of the email unless the poems require special formatting, in which case you may send them as an attachment. You may submit up to three poems with the understanding that only one will be selected. Below the poem, please include a simple third-person bio that errs on the side of brevity (Approximately 100 words). You should hear from us in about a month or two.

Consider that we're not looking for poems that are overly instructive. Moreover, poems that effectively bridge the divide between the lyrical and the narrative are preferable and most likely to be selected. We especially want poems that are accessible enough to be shared even by those who may not have known they needed poetry until they stumbled on your work. The poems we most gravitate towards are those that reveal what's personally at stake for the speaker of the poem. 

Furthermore, it's important that your poem fits on a single sheet of paper given the format of Rise Up.

A note on re-prints: We are no longer accepting re-prints because of the volume of submissions received. 

Thank you.     

Because Resistance is Fertile