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Diana Elser considers herself a free-range human being and language-lover, untethered from paycheck (retired). She thinks of the Intermountain West as “home-” born in Montana, raised in Texas and Utah. Retirement (Seattle, Washington) is dedicated to writing and reading poetry, taking poetry and literature classes (many at Hugo House), practicing guitar and songwriting. In progress: a poetry book involving memories of her father, a meteorologist, and weather, climate change, and how extended families change over time. Also a smaller collection of grandmother poems, and maybe a weather anthology. She has been published in Korone (now defunct) out of Chicago; Clerestory (on-line journal, Laramie Wyoming, edited by Lorie Howe), October 2016; and in an anthology, Writing It Right, from the 2015 Jackson Hole Writers conference, published summer, 2016, edited by Susan Marsh.