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Elissa Jane Mastel may be best known as the infamous chillEmpress, a former publicist who has worked in entertainment, music, culinary and technology industries. Her marketing career has evolved, and she's a digital nomad managing social media marketing, digital marketing and building websites anywhere she can catch a bit of WiFi. 

These days, you can find her traveling in a van around the country with her dog Scoob and cat Nermal. While traveling, she is writing incessantly, exploring the outdoors, cooking up meals, hiking, snowboarding and #Vanlifing around North America on her way to Alaska.

Expressing herself through the written word has been a passionate endeavor since she was a little girl. She has written several novellas, numerous short stories and more recently she has reignited her love of writing poetry, but never published any of her work, until now. 

In addition to writing, Mastel expresses herself through visual media. She was passionate about photography, and has become creating a curated collection of works that shows you interesting details of her travels through her lens. 

Read more of her work on her new blog “Gratitude for the Boredom” - https://gratitudeforboredom.wordpress.com

Follow her van adventures on Instagram "Like Water for Brisket" - https://www.instagram.com/likewaterforbrisket/