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Charlie Hebdo is the New Spokesperson

Thanks for your readiness to be shocked. 
You need to be yanked from complacent 
seats. The opposition is crabbing, tiptoeing 
unredacted, taxing towards no returns. 
From now on the offending conference 
isn’t a democracy. Thanks for your whys, 
but if you gullible isn’t swampier than
the golf course, swallow your bogey on 
your way to the restroom. Twitter will be 
the echo chamber, but no sounding board 
shall pronounce “lies.” I’ve ordered the garden 
shorn of roses. Don’t flash me that woody 
smile. The country club swarms with tigers, 
and the medal is hardly for freedom. How all
 you can but it’s a tough spot. The principled 
stand feathers his mad hat, but enablers buy 
shoes, too. Don’t McDonald’s burger and Coke 
anxieties. Pinocchio is an Emperor. On your 
way out go to the table by the teleprompter, 
where orange hair plugs are more expensive 
than the truth. The daily press brief is now an 
annual event. News is no longer necessary.

                                                        —Jonel Abellanosa

Jonel Abellanosa lives in Cebu City, the Philippines. His politically progressive poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including New Verse News, Progressive Poetics, Mobius: Journal of Social Change and Rat’s Ass Review. His print collections are Meditations (Alien Buddha Press), Songs from My Mind’s Tree and Multiverse (Clare Songbirds Publishing House), 50 Acrostic Poems (Cyberwit, India), and his politically-progressive collection, In the Donald’s Time (Poetic Justice Books and Art). His speculative poetry collection, Pan’s Saxophone, is forthcoming from Weasel Press."