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Cougar Hunt

this morning’s headline reads, 
“Cougar attacks a baby...”

thought that was odd
reminded me of, “Cougars, super predators

with an exceptionally high thirst for criminality, strike again” 
should have been, “Cougars out of options.”

otherized in the place you are from
flogged with perpetual uncertainty, the adopted one

stanchless fomenters 
asylum applicants at home

a territory shaved down to the extent it overlaid perfectly with a macro of Ota’s teeth.

a think-tank scratch their inquisitive gray spaces 
but froth up the same blistery, non-dandruff thing

then break for displace–build condos–displace cucumber sandwiches 
placating the canvases plundered to revise history and recast their buffs.

nacreous dementia, turning the crank in a crank house 
angles to the matter, inundated, but no die Menschen.

they’ll say i never learned to roam
needed to be doused with assistance to be on my own.

i don’t have to tell you what happens when a cougar opens its mouth.
though i, eager to hear from you how a mantled dream could sound like trauma.

                                                                                                                —Michael Newkirk

Michael J. Newkirk is a poet and reputable editor from North Carolina currently living in Canada. A lifelong learner, Michael has lived in several countries, taking in new ideas and forms. He adores poetry, photography, and music for themselves as well as for their power to cross-pollinate dialogue and social progress.​